Obsolescence Management – long-term availability

The Obsolescence specialist Karl Kruse GmbH & Co KG is constantly working for many years on the optimization of obsolescence strategies. The focus is on solutions , beginning in researching alternative components, 100% traceability of components, as we as to protect against obsolescence , Last Time Buy, EOL –PCN services and other.

Karl Kruse is working closely with the manufacturer Calogic  and is their authorized distributor in Germany and the remaining Europe and serves companies in the automotive, automation, industrial

and other industries.

Calogic offers a range of reliable working and long-term available standard replacement diodes, JFETs and MOSFETs. Just the discontinued JFETs by Vishay/Siliconix you can buy at Kruse manufactured by Calogic.

Are you looking for an alternative to MMBFJ113  or obsolete BSS83,215 from NXP ?

Here are some numbers

J108/J109/J110 (SST108/SST109/SST110)

J174/J175/J176/J177 (SST174/SST175/SST176/SST177)

J270/J271 (SST270/SST271)

SST211/SST212 /SST213 

Designed for audio, video and high frequency applications,the SST211 Series is a high speed, ultra low capacitanceSPST analog switch. Utilizing Calogic’s proprietary DMOSprocessing the SST211 Series features an integrated zenerdiode designed to protect the gate from electrical over stress.



J500-J511 (J500/J501/J502…J511) and SST500/SST501/SST502/SST503…SST511


And so on…

A company’s strength is the quality of reliably working and long-term available products and hence the investment in the long term design. “ We are proud of the intensive, long-term commitment to our customers and the reliable support, “said Klaus P. Kruse Managing Director of Karl Kruse.


About Calogic

Calogic designs and manufactures discrete and analog IC’s for the use of automation, computers, instrumentation, medical applications, power management, transportation, telecommunications, etc.

Calogic’s ultra low leakage dual pico amp diodes out perform conventional diodes for applications where reverse current (leakage) is critical and must be kept at a minimum. The devices have a very low capacitance and are also fast switching. The DPAD1 is available I a hermetic TO-78 housing. DPAD2/-50 in a hermetic TO-51 and the SSTPAD5-/100 in a plastic SO8 package.


About Karl Kruse

Since 1951, Karl Kruse GmbH & Co KG is a global franchised distributor of electronic components. They company is a global supplier in the areas of automotive, automation, industrial, military , medical , power , railway, renewable energy, transportation,  plant engineering etc.

More infos under : www.kruse.de

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