IPS TFTs Now Being Offered at Newhaven Display

IPS Technology, or “In-Plane Switching”

In-plane switching is a technology that was derived from a need to address & improve the shortcomings of typical “TN” or “Twisted Neumatic” LCD panels.

With IPS technology, electrodes are arranged in such a way that the liquid crystals inside the display rotate in parallel with the screen, rather than twisting and standing upright like with TN technology. This behavior of the crystals provides a multitude of image quality benefits to IPS displays; such as truer color reproduction, excellent viewing angles, and better contrast.

Our Intro to IPS

These two new 2.8″ IPS TFT displays are Newhaven Display’s introduction to IPS TFT products. Offered with either resistive touch or no touch, you can now find IPS technology and its benefits in a Newhaven TFT panel.



No touch panel

Resistive touch panel

Additional products to consider...