ON Semiconductor Technologies Bring Life to Innovation

Attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is always exciting — a chance to glance into the future and see the latest and coolest consumer-focused technologies of the year. CES has served as a launching pad for innovators and breakthrough technologies since 1967— a global stage where next-generation gadgets and technologies are introduced to the marketplace. Many technologies that we now take for granted once started their life as concepts at CES.

ON Semiconductor was also at CES, showcasing our sensors, power management devices, wireless connectivity solutions, motor drivers and other components that bring innovations to life. At our booth, we demonstrated a number of our latest technologies that support advances in such areas as robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), smart homes, entertainment, wearable tech, energy storage, building and factory automation and electric and autonomous vehicles.

A History of Innovation

Over the last 51 years, CES has seen its fair share of both breakthroughs and oddities, but it’s also debuted many technologies that have gone mainstream, such as the VCR (1970), the Camcorder (1981), and the DVD (1996). It’s an interesting experience to walk the show floor and see what inventors and innovators, including some of the largest and most powerful tech companies in the world, believe the future holds.

Nearly all these innovations depend on reliable, high-quality electronics that support connectivity, sensing, power management and computing. ON Semiconductor is one of the world’s leading suppliers of semiconductor-based devices and has the products, platforms and complete system solutions expertise to help innovators create smart, connected, energy-efficient products and get them to market faster.

Showcasing ON Semiconductor Technologies

At our CES booth, we demonstrated 20 of our latest technologies to support a new generation of consumer electronics in a wide range of application areas. Some of our most popular demos included:

  • Low Light Sensors for Automotive Imaging. We demoed two ON Semiconductor image sensors with very high dynamic range and superior low light performance to meet the evolving standards for car safety in advanced driver assisted systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving applications. Our AR0820AT and AR0220AT image sensors feature advanced BSI pixel technology with >140dB high dynamic range and advanced context switching to provide maximum versatility for machine vision solutions.
  • Audio Edge AI. To address the dual requirements of voice as a key device interface and embedded intelligence at the network edge, we demonstrated an audio edge AI solution that features our LC823450, a highly integrated and ultra-low power audio processor. A great fit for IoT edge nodes requiring audio processing and voice recognition features, the LC823450 can be used in home automation applications to control lights, operate shutters, and other smart home scenarios.
  • Factory Automation and Robotics. Whether your Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) design is for a small, low voltage robotic gripper or a high-voltage, high-power industrial pump, ON Semiconductor has an end-to-end offering for industrial automation that includes robust hardware and software solutions and covers aspects such as sensing, power management, embedded processing, connectivity and security.Development tools and kits for the IIoT from ON Semiconductor are pivotal and will continue to help lower the knowledge and resource barrier to adoption of these technologies.
  • High Power DC Charging Station. ON Semiconductor delivers all of the power semiconductor technologies to develop high-power DC charging stations for electric vehicles, with the ability to provide a full charge within 30 minutes. Within these high-power DC charging stations are many high power semiconductors, ranging from standard rectifiers to HV FETs to next generation SiC semiconductors and high density power modules to convert AC voltage from the grid to high voltage DC that charges electric vehicle batteries.
  • Radar and LiDAR for Autonomous Vehicles. ON Semiconductor provides a number of high-performance environment sensors for ADAS and autonomous driving applications. Our NR4401 radar transceiver supports four TX (transmit) and four RX (receive) channels, with fast chirp modulation and simultaneous active channels to enable excellent spatial resolution. For LiDAR, ON Semiconductor’s R-Series delivers a range of 1×16 channel Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) arrays that provide increased sensitivity into the red and near-infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum. We also offer a new 100×400 pixel Single Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) array to enable highly accurate image resolution for small, low reflective object identification at distances >100 meters.

At CES, we also launched Strata Developer Studio™, our new cloud-connected development environment for product evaluation and design. Strata makes it quicker and easier for engineers to work with evaluation and development boards by providing a trusted, always-up-to-date source for documentation, product info, design/application notes, reference designs, and other information. The Strata Developer Studio gives engineers an automated, cloud-connected development platform that serves as a personalized “sandbox” to explore, evaluate, and design with ON Semiconductor’s technologies.

The future is exciting and we are proud to power the innovative technologies of the future. Explore Strata and more today!