Gallium nitride CoolGaN™ 600V e-mode power transistor IGO60R070D1 for ultimate efficiency

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The IGO60R070D1 CoolGaN™ 600V enhancement mode (e-mode) power transistor offers fast turn-on and turn-off speed, minimum switching losses and enables simple half bridge topologies with highest efficiency.

The gallium nitride CoolGaN™ 600V series is qualified according to a comprehensive GaN-tailored qualification well beyond existing standards. It addresses datacom and server SMPS, telecom as well as adapter, charger, wireless charging and numerous other applications that demand highest efficiency or power density.


  • Enhancement mode transistor – normally OFF switch
  • Ultra fast switching
  • No reverse-recovery charge
  • Capable of reverse conduction
  • Low gate charge, low output charge
  • Superior commutation ruggedness
  • Qualified for industrial applications according to JEDEC standards (JESD47 and JESD22)


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