New HARTING connector solutions for fast data transfer in the rail industry

HARTING has introduced a number of innovative connector solutions and products targeted at the rail industry and focusing on the three key benefits of weight reduction, easy handling and increasing data throughput.

Weight reduction plays an increasingly important role in rail vehicle construction, and connectors can make a measurable contribution here. For trains and trams, the continuous transition from metal to plastic can reduce the weight of connector housings by up to 50% from one generation to the next.

In line with this trend, HARTING has extended its Han-Eco® plastic connector series by adding housings in Han B® size which are plug-compatible with Han® connectors in metal housings and offer additional installation flexibility.

HARTING offers the largest selection of contact inserts for industrial connectors, with more than 100 different modules and at least as many monoblocks available for the transmission of power, data, signals and compressed air.

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