N-channel 600 V, 0.084 Ohm typ., 30 A MDmesh DM6 Power MOSFET in a TO-247 package

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These high voltage N-channel Power MOSFETs are part of the MDmesh™ DM6 fast recovery diode series. Compared with the previous MDmesh fast generation, DM6 combines very low recovery charge (Qrr), recovery time (trr) and excellent improvement in RDS(on) * area with one of the most effective switching behaviors available in the market for the most demanding high efficiency bridge topologies and ZVS phaseshift converters.

Key Features

  • Fast-recovery body diode
  • Lower RDS(on) x area vs previous generation
  • Low gate charge,input capacitance and resistance
  • 100% avalanche tested
  • Extremely high dv/dt ruggedness
  • Zener-protected


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