Microchip Secure IoT Sensor Node

The AVR-IOT WG (AC164160) is a compact and inexpensive evaluation and development board to demonstrate easy and secure connection to the Google Cloud. It allows Clients to experience a quick set up to the Google Cloud in less than 30 Seconds.

The AVR-IOT WG board implements a wireless (WiFi) IoT sensor node using a small and inexpensive AVR microcontroller of the latest generation.

  • The ATmega4808 provides an easy migration path for existing AVR microcontroller applications by providing 48KB of Flash and 6K of RAM with a rich complement of analog and digital peripherals including Core Independent (Event System) functionality.
  • The ATECC608A Secure Elements provides secure key generation/storage and offloads all cryptography tasks enabling the highest level of security available to modern IoT applications. The secure element is pre-provisioned for immediate (out of the box) authentication with the Google IoT Core Cloud services.
  • The WINC1510 Network Controller provides wireless connectivity and offloads all networking tasks from the main processor providing a secure socket connection and server authentication.

The MCP9808 Temperature sensor, a third party lighting sensor, Battery Charger MCP73871, Power Regulator MIC33350, nEDBG Debugger.