RasPiO® FullpHAT Connect Two pHATs to the Raspberry Pi

The RasPiO FullpHAT is an innovative HAT-sized board that lets you connect two HATs or pHATs to the same Raspberry Pi. The board also breaks out all the ports to two sets of through-holes so you could, for instance, connect a HAT and a pHAT, and still use the spare GPIO ports.

The board features ultra-clear labelling with a large, easy-to-read font. The underside of the board is also labelled, it’s so much simpler to solder the wires to the correct hole. There are also options for adding extra headers or soldering wires to the board, should your project require it.

If you have a need to make you project as low profile as possible it is possible to solder the full pHAT directly to the Pi and eliminate the main header altogether (works best with Pi Zero). But make sure you’ve done any soldering you need to on the underside of the PCB first.

Kit Contents:

Stacking header (body 8.5mm, pins 10.25mm)
2 x 20 Male header
Nylon standoffs and nuts (2 of each)

  • Opens up possibilities for combining boards into a project
  • Break out the Pi GPIO ports multiple times
  • Even with 2x pHATs connected, Access 19 spare GPIO ports via FullpHAT
  • Extra holes for power and GND


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