Pi3 Tinker Enclosure – P-382612

Product Details

Size: 3.82″ x 2.64″ x 1.21″

The Pi3 Tinker Enclosure is designed to house the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and ASUS Tinkerboard single board micro computers that were invented to learn programming through fun, practical projects.

The enclosure is designed to capture the single board computers with or without screws. The press fit enclosure design allows for the user to reopen the case without having to remove any hardware. All of the connectors on the boards are easily accessed through molded openings in the standard enclosure.

This enclosure is stocked in the following standard materials:

Black ABS
White ABS
Semi Translucent Smoke Gray Polycarbonate
Semi Translucent Dark Red Polycarbonate
Semi Translucent Blue Polycarbonate
Clear Polycarbonate 

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