Multi Continent Design Services+ and More From Ismosys

Ismosys, ( Integrated Sales Marketing and Operations ) is proud to announce the introduction of its multi continent design and demand creation service, Design Services PLUS(DS+)

Located in Europe, India and North America, DS+ provides new and existing customers with specialised services focused on delivering the expertise, technology and support required to minimise time to market and maximise end product performance.

Nigel Watts, Managing Director of Ismosys stated, “ This is a critical moment in the evolution of our demand creation business model. We created a Design partner programme in Europe almost ten years ago and that has developed into a network of over twenty independent design houses all of whom are contracted to Ismosys and who provide specialised design services to a variety of end customers and applications. In 2018 we have expanded this capability to include North America with the formation of ISMOSYS LLC based in San Jose California and headed up by Ian Crayford, our CTO. Ian has a long and distinguished career in the semiconductor and networking markets as a designer and architect. This month, October, we completed the signing of a  strategic partnership agreement with Bangalore located Enstin Labs founded by Thiagarajan Venkatachalam (Raj) and Milind Dighrasker, two highly respected and accomplished engineering talents with decades of experience between them. In total Enstin has over thirty employees whose expertise span. Hardware, Firmware, Software and Verification and Test”.

The result is the provision of a multi-continent design resource that provides  the represented lines, design partners and end customers of Ismosys access to an unparalleled array of technologies, products, design solutions and manufacturing capabilities from concept to consumption.

Watts added, “This is a tremendously exciting and rewarding moment for us, it has taken many years and significant effort to bring this array of talent together and launch a cohesive and effective service for the global electronics industry. Our next task is to market and present the service via our teams located in Europe, India and North America to attract new customers, projects and engineering engagements. Our lines have been tremendously supportive and, as a result, we are able to offer customers very advanced levels of technical and commercial support”.