Introducing the FX23 series from the FunctionMAX family of connectors by Hirose

The FunctionMAX family from Hirose comprises of board-to-board connectors that have floating structures or high speed transmission capability for industrial applications. As the name “FunctionMAX” implies, this product family is a series of board-to-board connectors that have been designed to meet the requirements of the industrial market with maximum functionality.

FunctionMAX connectors with floating contacts for easy assembly
The FX8/C, FX20, FX22, FX30B, FX23 & FX10 series allow alignment compensation by either embedded floating structure or using interposers and high misalignment absorption. This offers a degree of “play” between the contacts during mating and allows the connector to absorb alignment errors making assembly much easier. Another benefit of the floating or misalignment absorption is multiple connectors can be used on the same board. These connectors contribute to the device design by absorbing assembly errors and help to eliminate the need for corrective re-work operations.

FunctionMAX connectors with high reliability vibration resistant contacts
The FX20, FX22, FX30B series incorporate highly reliable dual contacts. Each contact has a different vibration characteristic due to different contact forces that widens the frequency range to avoid resonance. This allows high vibration resistance and increased contact reliability.

FunctionMAX connectors for high speed signal transmission
The FX23, FX18, FX8/C & FX10 series are designed on a differential transmission system and offers excellent noise resistance and high-speed signal transmission.

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FX23 Series, 0.5mm Pitch, Floating, Board-to-Board Connectors for High-Speed Transmission
The FX23 series is one of the key FunctionMAX product families for high speed signal transmission, the range has been introduced to meet the demand for floating connectors that can handle high current ratings and high-speed signal transmission.

The FX23 connector range consists of headers and receptacles that allow parallel or right angle board-to-board connection. The FX23 headers have a unique floating structure embedded inside the fixed base of the housing which allows an alignment movement in XY directions of +/-0.6mm (max) to absorb mounting misalignment.

With a pitch of just 0.5mm the connector is very compact and ideal for space constrained applications, available in right angle or parallel versions the connectors allow for board stacking heights from 15mm to 30mm.

The FX23 series supports high speed transmission of up to 8 Gbps (max) utilising an innovative contact design to ensure impedance-matching. The ground contacts are situated between the adjacent differential pair contacts to reduce crosstalk for better performance.

The FX23 connector has a hybrid structure featuring power and signal contacts, four built-in power contacts that can carry up to 3A current rating each are located along the mating guides to save space and the signal contacts are capable of carrying 0.5A each.

Key Features of the FX23 series

  • Contact sizes: 80, 100, 120 (other sizes under development)
  • Current rating: 0.5A signal / 3A power (4 x power contacts total = 12A)
  • Pitch: 0.5mm
  • Versions: Right angle, Parallel
  • Stack height: 15, 20, 25 & 30mm (some heights under development, please check availability)
  • Voltage rating: 50V
  • Mating cycles: 100

The FX23 series is suited to a wide range of applications including industrial, broadcast, POS terminals, medical, networking and data equipment, servo motors, PLC controls and portable devices.

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