MLVG Series

The MLVG-Series Permanent Magnet YIG-Tuned Oscillators are signal sources covering the frequency range of 6-21 GHz (6-18GHz, 8-20GHz, 10-21GHz). They are available in any customer selected 12 GHz tuning bandwidth (±6 GHz).
These oscillators have been specifically designed with the latest permanent magnet tech-nology to yield excellent performance over temperature and environmental conditions. The units are available in a standard 1.25 ” x 1.25 ” x.60″ configuration with a field re-placeable RF connector and weigh just two ounces.
  • 6-21 GHz Frequency Coverage
  • 12 GHz Tuning Bandwidth
  • FM/Phase-Lock Port
  • Miniature Size
  • High Reliability
  • Low Power Consumption: No Heater Required

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