Complete System for Corrosion Protection of Tubulars

Beating the High Cost of Corrosion and Extending the Life of Your Pipelines!

Deterioration due to corrosion of tubular structures during transportation and temporary storage is a huge and persistent problem in industry. It causes direct as well as indirect material losses. Because of corrosion, time is diverted to handling complaints and customer loyalty is potentially lost. Deliveries are delayed due to reworking of corroded components.

Construction of gas pipeline Trans Adriatic Pipeline – TAP in north Greece. The pipeline starts from the Caspian sea and reaches the coast of southern Italy

Corrosion weakens the structural integrity of a pipeline and makes it an unsafe for transporting potentially hazardous materials. Because it can appear within hours or days, prevention method must be implemented. The increased risk of pipeline failure far outweighs the costs associated with installing, monitoring, and maintaining corrosion control systems. Preventing pipelines from deteriorating will save money, preserve the environment, and protect public safety. Therefore, planning for corrosion protection during temporary storage and transportation is a logical and above all necessary step to minimize these losses.

Thankfully, today modern solutions such as CorroLogic VpCI® technology are available on the market. They provide protection to equipment and parts during these sensitive time frames. Specialized product range developed by Cortec Corporation’s top scientists and engineers offers solutions for preventing corrosion of pipelines and extending pipeline’s structural life: Corrologic® CorrCaps™ powered by Nano VpCI® are heavy wall black polyethylene pipe caps containing proprietary Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI®).

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