Cortec’s Patented CorroLogic® VpCI® Filler

Cortec’s patented CorroLogic® VpCI® Filler is changing the way the oil and gas industry protects pipeline casings from corrosion. Standard methods for protecting these vulnerable annular void spaces have been to use coatings and cathodic protection (CP), which can be deficient or cumbersome. To replace or supplement these traditional corrosion protection options, Cortec® invented CorroLogic® VpCI® Filler, a practical and effective gel filler product for pipeline casings and other tubular void spaces. This method of protection is rapidly becoming a preferred strategy for protecting the many pipeline casings in existence.

high pressure pipeline for gas transporting .

CorroLogic® VpCI® Filler was designed at the request of a North American pipeline corrosion engineering group looking for a product that would protect annular void spaces between pipelines and their casings. In response, Cortec® Corporation researched and developed a two part VpCI® Filler product that, when mixed and pumped into a structural void space, turns into a gel product that fills and protects the space from corrosion long-term using Cortec’s Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibiting Technology. The filler also provides resistance to bacterial corrosion and prevents infiltration of air and water inside the filled structures.

CorroLogic® VpCI® Filler offers a practical and effective solution for long-term corrosion protection of challenging environments such as pipeline casings and tubular vessels or structures. There many advantages for protecting these structures:


  • Little or no surface preparation required
  • Controllable viscosity and setup time
  • Migrates under disbonded coatings and protects inaccessible and recessed surfaces
  • VpCI® protection self-replenishes if space is unexpectedly subjected to moisture or outside air infiltration
  • Compatible with Cathodic Protection and continues working in its absence
  • Can be removed by washing product off the metal surface

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