Power supply solution using Murata’s Supercapacitors

Extend battery life & Reduce frequency of maintenance
Satisfy both needs for downsizing and increasing output of battery, contributing to improving performance such as extending communication distance
Stable operation even at low temperature
Backup in case of battery disconnect
Thin package ideal for space constrained applications

Supercapacitors(EDLCs) are energy devices that have higher capacitance than conventional capacitors, such as ceramic capacitor and electrolytic capacitors, with longer lifetime than batteries. Murata’s supercapacitors feature industry leading low ESR in a compact and slim (0.4mm-3.7mm) package that can provide high power charge-discharge. By using them as auxiliary power supplies for peak assist or backup, they can contribute to size reduction of the battery or main power supply, reduction of energy loss, or adding new features which require high power instantaneously.

[Application example] Battery-driven handy terminals
Murata’s supercapacitors can be discharged at a high output current up to 10A. Therefore, they can cover a wide range of backup functions that is from low power, for a long time*1 to high power for a short time. Actually, they are auxiliary power supplies that provide comprehensive backup function as follows;
・Backup in case of battery disconnect
・Shutdown the system safely when the battery runs out

In addition, the energy loss of Murata’s Supercapacitors featuring low ESR, is low even at low temperatures, allowing efficient utilization of the energy stored in the battery in various environments conditions.

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