Sophisticated aluminum profile enclosures for central control units

OKW’s new SMART-TERMINAL aluminum profile enclosures feature a highly quality matt anodized finish. These robust, elegant and highly attractive cases offer plenty of space for large-volume electronic assemblies, for example touch screens, display modules, PCBs etc. A variety of technical advantages, individual profile lengths on request, and creative designer options make the SMART-TERMINAL the last word in excellence for tough industrial display enclosures.

3 basic enclosures in the profile lengths 6.299″, 7.874″ and 9.449″ (overall length with covers + 1.654″), width 6.693″, height 1.969″
side covers in lava (similar to anthracite) moulded in high-quality ASA+PC-FR plastic
designer seals made of TPV material in volcano or green
highly versatile design can be used as table-top, sloping front and wall-mounted enclosures
recessed area in top for the installation and protection of displays, membrane keypads and operating elements
(SMART-TERMINAL 160: 5.7″/14 cm; SMART-TERMINAL 200 and 240: 7″/17.8 cm)
horizontal PCB guides and screw channels inside the enclosure
two-part aluminum profile facilitates the assembly of the enclosure and installation of the components, with no visible fixing screws
flat areas for easy installation of the interfaces
side covers with recessed area to protect the cables and connectors
optional accessories: wall suspension element, case canting kit for an ergonomic reading angle of 12°, set of square-head nuts for PCB mounting

Special sizes and versions
individual profile lengths to customer specification, minimum order quantity 100 pcs
on request, designer seals and covers in other colors as creative/visual features, minimum order quantity 200 pcs
simple aluminum end plate for fitting to the case profile, when specifying a SMART-TERMINAL enclosure from individual parts

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